Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rogers Park's Stars are at Our Feet

Rogers Park has some of the most beautiful plant life I've ever seen. I would recommend to those who have hectic lives to stop and look at just how beautiful these plants are! Between Rogers Park history, architecture, flowers, and businesses... You really can't lose!

If you love gardening, I would really recommend checking out the Rogers Park Garden Group! 

Written by: Autumn Davids
Photography by: Autumn Davids and Bill Morton


sundevilpeg said...

Thanks for the kind words! Much obliged. Do come to our 'Divide & Donate' Spring plant sale (being held on Sunday, June 3, 9 am - 2 pm, at 1434 W. Greenleaf), which supports our "Adopt the Public Way" program, the source of a lot of those corner and parkway gardens you see:

Thanks again, and happy gardening!

Autumn Davids said...


I am very grateful that you enjoyed this post. I, upon request of Mr. Morton, started using my own e-mail address since the posts going up are receiving a lot of attention.

Mr. Morton and myself will definitely be in attendance at Divide and Donate to photograph and post another section on the Rogers Park Garden Group for you all.

It would be great if, at a later date, myself, or Mr. Morton, could sit down and do an interview, maybe even record the interview, in order to assist you and what you are doing.

Thank YOU for all that you are doing.

~Autumn Davids