Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clark and Estes in recompense

My position on the issue is that it never should have been torn down, as it was a great location for a viable business. Long before the renovation of The Morse Theater (now the Mayne Stage), we were well on our way with the renovation of the Adelphi Theater for a multi-use facility. It's demolition was a tragedy that under dubious conditions was allowed to happen.  
That being stated, I believe that the current "Hole of a Mess" should be a safe location. Public Safety is always first, and the property is currently the site of unsecure fencing, litter and since torn down.. the corner of Clark and Estes has acquired major gang activity including graffiti.  
Secondly, I would like the property to be utilized for the use of a small business or community improvement. Optimally, in my mind, the rebuilding of the Adelphi Theater... but this is Rogers Park politics, after all.

- Bill Morton

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