Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Howard Street

Howard Street has some of the most beautiful architecture from times I wish I had witnessed. Buildings such as the Broadmoor, Howard Theater, and Howard building still have some of their once glorified beauty but are now unkempt and grimy. I can only dream of the days in which they were in their prime, shined, new, and something that everyone couldn't resist looking at. 

Today, we took a walk down Howard, and this is what we saw: 

Still beautiful, but in need of some tender loving care. Who will give it to these buildings that stand weary and proud for us? For our history? 

By: Autumn  Davids

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cliff said...

Your photos bring to mind two things to this Rogers Park/Howard ex-pat (grew up there):

1. The great sadness of other good buildings lost, the Norshore Theater, the wonderful Art Deco Norshore Bank (at the former Hermitage corner)- built with 4 stories but with a foundation that could take 8. This optimism about it's future was sadly misplaced, since it was wantonly destroyed. And tere were others.
2. The recent redevelopment efforts are a posterboard for how to ignore transit-oriented development potential staring one in the face. The absurd suburban sprawl-mall will never again allow those 3 really dense commercial blocks to come back as a desirable, cohesive, walkable destination strip. Trust me, that is not a good thing on sooo many levels: long-tern economics, crime rates, etc., etc. So very sad.