Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unity, Business Growth & Community Awareness

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce promotes unity, business growth and community awareness in Rogers Park.



jeffo said...

"Cameo Cleaners is ok ... but who would choose to pick up thier dry cleaning on bad Morse Avenue?"

Hey I found your review for Cameo Cleaners. Let me critique it.

Cameo Cleaners is not OKAY, they are terrible, they are dirty and this past year I had to clean out their back alcove (their old sign was there all smashed up, old carpets etc....) and I had to put pressure on Melba the daughter of the owner THROUGH the aldermans office to get the back alcove closed off because drug deals were happening there.

Cameo Cleaners is in a class by itself, TRULY a horrible cleaners, which is saying alot because Cleaners are usually uniformly okay and boring. THIS ONE is ghetto.

Okay their is spelled wrong, but you probably know that. It was 2007 so I accept that Morse was horrible at that time, No Reside on Morse and No Morse theater/Mayne Stage either. No streetscrape. Truly a dark time.

But Cameo Cleaners still sucks.

jeffo said...

So to sum it up your review of Cameo Cleaners is 5 years old.
I think the yelp review needs updating.

Bill Morton said...


I haven't Yelped since years before I formed the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. I had my long hair back then and George Bush was President. It has been a long, long time.

That being understood, maybe it is time for me to review my 80 Yelp reviews (46 of them 'first to review') and amend them accordingly.

jeffo said...

Yeah thats the problem with yelp, there needs to be an updating feature and maybe reviews should drop off after a year or two.

Because the neigborhood changes and so do business practices do too. Im sure quest is still a good computer place though.

Bill Morton said...

There are issues with Yelp regarding small businesses.

Yelp charges outrageous monthly rates for advertising, and selects which of your reviews to feature or display according to your standing with them.

If your not all in money-wise, you are going to get snubbed or even worse, local competitor advertisements will be placed on your page. This tactic reminds me of the petty 49th Ward politics I've experienced over the past decade.

Thinking about it, I was Yelping before I started RP1000, and Quest is still a great local business. Longevity is the key to success!