Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today in Rogers Park - August 7th, 2011

Today in Rogers Park is a series to inform our community of relevant daily events, including the arts, entertainment, presentations and community meetings. - Bill Morton

Mayne Stage - Life in a Marital Institution

A poignant, darkly humorous autobiographical comedy set improbably in a hospice, James sits at the bedside of his dying sister, who asks him to trade places with her. Until she realizes that would mean trading places with him...being in his marriage...a fate worse than death! The monologue cuts back and forth between the hospice, where his sister is engaged to be married, and scenes from his marriage, exploring infidelity, near-death childbirth and other high-stakes yet hilarious adventures. In the process, the comedy explores the roots of romantic love in familial love, and the notion: not only can you go home again, you can't not go home again; you can't escape your past. Until you confront it...which James does through his sister’s deathbed wedding, before returning home to confront whether his own marriage should come to an end. Life in a Marital Institution premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, had a sold-out run at 59E59 Theaters in New York City, before transferring Off-Broadway to critical raves at the Soho Playhouse.
Mayne Stage 1328 W. Morse Avenue Chicago, IL. 60626

5pm. Tickets: $20; call 773.381.4554 or click here.


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