Monday, August 1, 2011

Unifying event brings together the best of Rogers Park

     This past Saturday, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (CHICAGO, IL) held its first Unifying Rogers Park Event at Quest Services & the Headquarters of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. The event welcomed and featured some of Rogers Parks finest business reps, organizations and residents for a day of meeting, networking, conversation and fun. In April, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce celebrated its second year anniversary and decided to throw a Summer Unifying event for the community. Guests at the gala included… Barbara Richardson of Elements Services, Kris Luck of Quest Network Services, Author Eugene Nelson Jr., Mark Finley of MFN: Multifacet Network, Bill's Digital Photos, Jan McCarter of Club Z Tutoring, Amadia King of PLAN (Parent Leadership And Network), and Fred Weaver of LifeStorage Center - just to name a few. The event showed how a community with multi ethnic groups & business’s from all walks of life can come together to support each other and network to strengthen the community and have fun at the same time.

     Some of Rogers Park’s finest restaurants were represented with delicious entrees from… Leona’s Pizza, The Fish Keg, Hop Haus, Charmers Café, and The Caribbean / American Bakery. The buffet style /food was excellent with a variety of dishes, including… Fried Fish & Chicken, Pizzas, Brichettas, Sandwiches, Hush Puppies, Meat Pies and Salad’s.

     The event was also broadcasted LIVE on the Internet and seen around the world by MFN LIVE Broadcast Network hosted by media host Mark Finley and co-host Eugene Nelson Jr. Many of the Business & Org. reps in attendance were interviewed during the Broadcast. Chamber of Commerce president Bill Morton was the events MC and the perfect host.

     As the event progressed, guest participated in a free-style conversation that was covered by the Broadcast as well.

     Mark Finley; Host & GM of MFN LIVE commented…“As the broadcast continued, before I knew it people just started to grab our microphones while they were in conversation which really made the broadcast. I thought it was great that people took the initiative to include their discussions in the broadcast in a free style manner. It made the broadcast that much more genuine and exciting!”

Above-Key Note Speaker & host- MFNS Mark Finley RUNS IT DOWN to the Chamber and the MFN LIVE audience.

     Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce President Bill Morton at the end of the event commented... “I am so happy that this event was such a big success! We are all about bringing together all the business, organizations and residents in Rogers Park to come together to strengthen our community!”

     If you’d like to view the broadcast of the event, you can watch it any time on demand for the next two weeks by going to and register for FREE! Then click on the MFN LIVE tab and scroll down to the first broadcast window and click the play button to view the broadcast.

- Mark Finley


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