Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taste Food & Wine travels to help tornado victims

On May 22nd, an F5 tornado hit the city of Joplin, MO at 5:41pm. It ripped through town with 200 MPH winds pulling the bark off of hundreds of trees and destroying lives. The one mile wide tornado ripped through Joplin, lasting for 19 minutes and destroying over 30% of the city. In the wake of this tornado, 8000 homes and businesses have been destroyed, 5000 people are now homeless, and 154 people lost their lives making it the single deadliest tornado in over 60 years.

On July 5th, Debbie and Jamie--two of the partners from Taste Food and Wine, and India a taste employee with a group of volunteers are making the journey down to Joplin to help with debris clean up, and to help families devastated by this tragedy. In order to help make the most of this trip, and to help the most people, we are looking for your help!

Currently the families in Joplin need: cleaning supplies, gas cards, toys, shoes, small appliances, kitchen accessories, and new bedding. They have an overflow of clothing so that is currently not needed. We will be transporting all donations down to Joplin, and distributing them directly to the people in need.

If you would like to donate any of the aforementioned items, you can bring them directly into Taste Food and Wine, or you can contact India at 847.912.4431, or Debbie at 847.902.6694 to set up a drop off/pick up!

In addition, if you don't have any items to donate, you can make a monetary donation. Every dollar helps, and 100% will go directly into the Joplin community and really make a difference!

You can donate directly at Taste Food and Wine, or you can online go to or



jeffo said...

okay good news story, format is shaping up a bit.

Good to see Taste is helping some people out as well

Bill Morton said...

I respected Taste as a great local business and contributors to our community.

I have an even greater respect for them now.