Sunday, June 26, 2011

RP1000 listed as a Chicago News Bench favorite

Rogers Park in 1,000 Words was selected for the Chicago News Bench favorite websites list.

Here at Chicago News Bench, we look at thousands of other websites every week just to keep out finger on the pulse. There are so many websites to love, and so little time, and so many great ones.
- Tom Mannis, Chicago News Bench

To view the complete list, visit:



jeffo said...

Good to see.

Just got back from out of town.
And was surprised to see that Pride had moved up north for a little celelbration on glenwood.


You have to plug Craigs Magazine as well.

jeffo said...

They had the street blocked off and they were blasting journey, dont stop believing......
(glenwood just north of morse)
a pleasant surprise, earliert today
around 745pm.

Very cool.

jeffo said...

Heres a picture from the news story.

Very cool, I love seeing new stuff happening in Rogers Park.

Anonymous said...

very new stuff happening. the fest on glenwood sunday night was packed with fun people having a great time. 16 candle rocked. i even bought a t shirt from craig.