Saturday, June 18, 2011

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jeffo said...,0,578982.story

Not sure what the mission of this blog is but it doesnt seem to have changed. The mission being post tons of Rogers Park pictures with little to no discussion.

Sure not good to only dwell on the negative, but bombarding people with pictures, well, does not a blog make.

I drove by this crime scene yesterday and it was roped off and wondered what was going on.

Bill Morton said...


Thank you for updating us on the most recent Rogers Park shooting. A man walked up to another and shot him.

I believe that this happens much more than is reported.

The Rogers Park violence and murders are our most pressing issue. Public Safety should ALWAYS comes first. We need to acknowledge our crime so we can focus on solutions.

Bill Morton said...

Did you see my post on immigration in Rogers Park?

jeffo said...

Yes, its good you have more blogs on topics, you are doing a good job, its just that in IMHO it should be MORE driven by story than JUST pictures,

Thats all, I would post the best pic of a series and then put a link to the rest, also its good to have a point to most posts, just having a random charmers post is pointless unless SOMETHING happened at charmers, like atleast a new drink or whatever, thats my point,

This doesnt have to be broken heart of rogers park, but some crime news reporting would be good as well, atleast the major stuff.

This afternoon I witnessed a pretty crazy car crash at greenleaf and ashland.
Inexplicably a small sedan import decided to slowgo it through a redlight, he was in front of me at the intersection, I was on ashland headed south.

Okay, then some super fast crazy american SUV speeds through eastbound on greenleaf and WHAMMMMM.

Never seen anything like it,
One or Two of the SUV tires came off, I know atleast one did, it was nuts.. Both cars are totalled for sure... Someone else on the scene took charge, I was just too tired to step in at all....