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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rogers Park events picked up by EveryBlock Chicago

Rogers Park events

I would like to take the time to thank EveryBlock Chicago for syndicating my Rogers Park Cafe Society and Friends of Bill Morton events.

- Bill Morton


Anonymous said...

So not only do you spam Everyblock with all your own self-referencing feeds (as though Rogers Park should be renamed "What Bill Morton is Up To Today"), but you take a curtain call for being recognized there? Get with it man, just because you start six blogs and quote them all to eachother doesn't mean you're getting exposure. I don't expect you to approve this comment since you're a one-way "news outlet", but give us a break. If there's any good news in this post for you, it's that I keep encountering your faux-news at every turn when trying to read up about Rogers Park. So at least you've made your mark--albeit a terrifically negative one.

Bill Morton said...

Are you the "Blog Police?"