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Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring events

Ever since Spring 1996, I have planned special events on the first day of Spring, March 20th. Here are two of my events in Rogers Park this evening.

Cafe Society Spring Coffee Talk

Charmers Cafe. 7pm
RSVP required

Cafe Society is not a new idea. In Beethoven's time in Vienna, great minds gathered over coffee, a beverage that only recently had eclipsed tea as the Viennese hot beverage of choice, to discuss all manner of cultural and intellectual concerns, face to face, undistracted. The Stock Exchange of that day was conceptualized and created in a local coffee house.

Coffee houses still exist today but Cafe' Society proposes a more social alternate to a computer screen. Discussion, locally produced art and music and good coffee and food. Need we say more?

Welcome to the first day of Spring! To celebrate we will be meeting at the casually elegant Charmers Cafe of Rogers Park. Coffee tasting and chatting until 8pm.

Friends of Bill Morton Spring Fire
Sherwin on the Lake. 9pm
RSVP required

If you are friends with Bill Morton, you belong here.

Welcome to the first day of Spring! Stop by, and bring some wine or snacks. I will provide the private beach and the bonfire.

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