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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scott Philips outs Tom Westgard

I received this message from Scott Philips this morning:

Off topic, but I'm sorry to say a local blogger has been officially "outed" as a Joe Moore shill. It seems a local blogger, who claims to operate an objective reporting site, has been secretly working for Joe Moore, albeit in a rather sophomoric manner. I'm very disappointed to say that Tom Westgard has now been completely discredited. You might have seen the fake Twitter account "AldermanBrian," which blatently attacks Brian Whit...e and, presumably, me. While I support Brian, I am not working for his campaign. Having been in touch with Twitter and investigated in other ways, it has been confirmed that 49th Ward blogger Tom Westgard is the childish, spiteful little person behind this Twitter account. This pretty much blows the roof off of any attempts he makes to appear like a legitimate reporting site. If you follow the footprints, it also seems like Joe Moore is likely behind all of Tom's activities. Tom Westgard is clearly a shill for Joe Moore.

Scott Phillips


Anonymous said...

Seems that Scott Phillips really has no idea who is behind the fake Twitter account and is just making stuff up.

mcl said...

Regarding the post:
"Scott Phillips outs Tom Westgard"

Surprise, surprise!

Bill Morton said...

Yes, Mike.

Whenever I see Tom Westgard on the street, he can't look me in the eye and tries to sneak away.

Real big deal on his keyboard, but not so bold or savvy in real life.

I know a few in Rogers Park like that who avoid certain places because they are trying to sneak around others.

In one word, it is Slimey.

Face your words and actions, Tom.

Hugh said...

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy. He now says:

"Only 4 more days until crushing, ignominious defeat."

Wow. Seriously. Wow! It's like he's confusing a neighborhood political race with the battle of Normandy.

Tom is in very serious need of a life. Or perhaps a good therapist.