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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Riding the train to Jarvis Station


Bill Morton said...

Shot this one while testing my camera on my way back to Rogers Park.

Hugh said...

It's a bit off topic, but hell has offically frozen over and the Cubs have won the world series.

Crazy Craig, the loudest, most insane critic in the 20-year history of the Joe Moore debacle, has officially endorsed Joe on his Gay Chicago web site. He literally gushes about what a great impact Joe has had on Rogers Park.

Who knows, maybe he's started taking his meds?!?

Even more hilarious is that Joe sent out an email blast bragging about the endorsement. The topper, however, is that he omits the fact that Craig is in any way involved.

Lord, we should have these elections every year rather than limit this kind of side-show fun to every four years.

Somebody get a picture. Craig is a Joe Moore supporter!

Bill Morton said...

We all guessed that you would send this comment over today, Hugh.

Everyone saw this comment coming.

Hugh said...

Can you blame me, Bill? This is beyond hilarious!

Hugh said...

Hey, it just dawned on me that there is no longer a need for Craig's blog! Now that he has declared what a great job Joe is doing, there must no longer be a "Hell Hole" nor a "Broken Heart!"

It's a miracle!