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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tony of JB Alberto's

JB Alberto's

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PhilHayShow said...

Dear Mr. Troiano, I am a very long time customer of Alberto's and a personal friend of yours. I am patronizing your establishment less and less due to the uptick in firearms violence in East Rogers Park. This is a trend which is escalating and your good pal Alderman Moore who you have supported for years isn't doing a god damned thing to remedy. Today 9/11/14, there have been two shooting incidents near Howard which appear to be related to the two gang shootings which have occurred near your restaurant since Labor Day. I find it very sad that our Alderman is more sympathetic to the plight of the perpetrators of these crimes than he is to the functional, hard working, taxpaying citizens of the 49th Ward. Alderman Moore's is more concerned with expanding his own popularity with minority faction politicians than he is in providing community safety. This may be a situation in which "Joe has got to Go."