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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Builders of Rogers Park: The Ure Family

John F Ure's son Howard Ure, namesake for Howard Street

Hi Bill,

I received your email address on the web link through a google search and saw the Rogers park in 1,000 words link.

I am hopeful you could tell me more about the History of the Ure family in Rogers Park. I can not seem to find anything on the web that would confirm their contribution to that area.

Ruth Ure was my grandmother and her parents had the Ure dairy farm in Rogers Park. From what I understand from family stories they owned a lot of land in Rogers park from McCormack down to the lake. Howard Street and Howard St beach was named after him.

I found these pictures below from and it shows the Norshore theatre. Is this the same theatre as the Adelphi Theatre?

Can you tell me of any additional information you may have on the Ure family and their contributions to the Rogers Park area?


Ure Dairy Wagon 1914

Norshore Theater and Ship Restaurant built by John F. Ure and family at Howard and Clark in Rogers Park

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mcl said...


The Adelphi Theatre and the Northshore Theatre were two different Theatres, The Adelphi was located on Clark Street and the Northshore was on Howard Street in the 1800 block. Contact the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society for information on the Ure family and their contribution to the settling and development of Rogers Park:

mcl said...

Woops, of course that's Norshore Theatre.