Sunday, July 26, 2009

I spoke with Alan Goldberg

I spoke with Alan Goldberg at a recent Rogers Park BizArts event.

I introduced myself as Bill Morton.

I told him that I am Bill Morton who tried to save the Adelphi Theater from demolition.

I told him that I was the one who formed the non-profit organization, Citizens for the Adelphi Theater to renovate the theater, oppose the demolition and oppose Alderman Joe Moore's pre-paid rezoning.

I reminded him that he called me at Quest one day to ask me why I am fighting so hard to save the Adelphi Theater.

He replied... "... and now it's just a hole in the ground".

I patted him on the shoulder and quietly said to him, "I told you this would happen".

He just looked down in disgust.

Since then, I have become his friend on facebook.
I read his updates about the squirrels taking over his garage, and about his musical events and adventures.

It was very satisfying to hear him admit that I was right on about the Adelphi Theater, but...

I have yet to hear any statement or apology from Alderman Joe Moore, his ZULAC (rubber stamp advisory committee) or the Rogers Park Builders Group.

Let's settle this once and for all.

The entire Rogers Park community now has a dangerous hole in the ground and deserves a solid formal explanation.

The Adelphi Theater is now an unsecure vacant hole in the ground that serves gangbangers and prostitutes and drug abuse.

At the very least, while we were renovating the theater, it was a secure, locked-up area.

What do you have to say for yourselves?

- Bill Morton
former Citizen for the Adelphi Theater
resident of Rogers Park for over a decade
registered voter with a following

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