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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brown-Out at 7301 N. Sheridan Road

Quest Network Services just received a brown-out for a few seconds.

It may be due to tomorrows electrical shut-down by Com-Ed from 9am- 4pm on the 7300 block of Sheridan Road, and the 1200 block of Sherwin Avenue.

This planned power outage is to completely replace the electrical system at the 1221 W. Sherwin gut rehab project.

Buildings affected by the power outage will not have lighting, heat, elevators, laundry facilites, hot water, or any kind of electricity for the entire day.


Grammar Gal said...

I'm awake very early today, and our building on the block has still posted no notice of this.

Thankfully, it is not very cold...but to do a thing like this in the middle of WINTER is a bit inhumane and uncaring.

Foodstuffs should be OK for this amount of time in a full-sized fridge, but smaller refrigerators may not be able to handle a 7-hour time factor.

WHEN IN DOUBT, TOSS IT OUT. (Gee, that sounds like a good campaign slogan, doesn't it?).

Bill Morton said...

I'm finishing the last of my milk with this mornings breakfast.

I'm guessing that the eggs and mayo may not make it through the day.

I'll have to do my work across town if the electricity at Quest goes.

Good morning Grammar Gal.