Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From our friends at Flatts and Sharpe Music Company

What we really want to do this week in our newsletter is stress just how thoroughly our neighborhood rocks, and to encourage everyone to patronize local businesses. Go have dinner at the still brand new Morse Theater. Get your shoes fixed at the cobbler shop. Say hi to the bartender at your favorite saloon and then barhop to the one you haven’t visited in a while. Browse the amazing deals at Armadillo’s Pillow. Take some yoga lessons at any one of our 483 yoga studios. Learn kung-fu. Buy chili pepper lights from the Heartland to brighten your life. Buy cowboy boots from Jessica’s Western Wear to spring up your step. Experience ennui at Panini Panini. Eat a panini at Ennui. You get the drift.

Just because the last paragraph was all about commerce doesn’t mean we at Flatts & Sharpe only think about money. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be at Flatts & Sharpe. Our ultimate goal is to promote music in every way. So, if you have a music program at your school or you would like to start one stop on by and we can offer you all kinds of help. We are involved with several foundations that help schools with lesson plans, instruments, and grants. We’re big fans of trying to make this world a little nicer one note at a time.

Thanks for reading!

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