Sunday, June 22, 2008

There is a Petition.

Petition to Alderman Moore
The portion of our neighborhood from the lake to the alley just West of Sheridan Road and Chase to Birchwood is currently zoned for residential uses as an RT-4 zone. The maximum density allowed in an RT-4 zone is one dwelling unit for every 1,000 square feet of lot area. A developer now wants to put up a large apartment/commercial building in the middle of the 7300 block of North Sheridan Road. In order to be allowed to do that, he needs to convince Alderman Moore to change the zoning law and re-zone the area as a business zone, which would permit four times the density permitted under the current law and would allow business uses. That would permit him to go through with his plans to put up 44 apartment units on what is now a parking lot, with nowhere for guests of the residents to park. It would also pave the way for similiar projects to be built on the former North Shore School site on Chase and the Shambhala Meditation Center site on the corner of Sherwin and Sheridan. Given the congestion and parking problems that already exist in our neighborhood, the last thing we need is projects of this this kind. If you want to keep this area residential and prevent the parking and congestion nightmares that re-zoning of this area to a business district would cause, please sign this petition to let Alderman Moore know how you feel.

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Bill Morton said...

The petition is available to sign at many local businesses and is currently being distributed by hand in many of the residences surrounding the 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road property.

I believe that the number of signatures now equals the number of votes that Joe Moore received in the last election.