Monday, June 9, 2008

International Art Group

Dear Friend

You are invited to the following event

This is a call for entry taking place on 6/10/2008 6:00 PM at:
1545 W. Morse
Chicago, IL 60626

It is hosted by Marianna Buchwald.

Call 773 507 1300 for information.

You will find more details at :

Dear Artists, friends and dancers!

Liebe Kuenstler, Freunde und Taenzer!

Please be invited to our monthly art discussion June 19, 6pm at Insight Arts in Rogers Park.

We meet at Insight Arts , the United Church, 3. floor at 6pm.

We had a great tile making / art discussion meeting in May, involving the Public Art Group to share their mural project, which invites all artists to participate, creating the mural under the Overpass at Bryn Mawr and LSD, starting in July.

Please come to our art discussion, June 10th at 6pm at Insight Arts, 1545 W. Morse, a short way West of the Red Line Morse stop, for a presentation of works in progress, at our International Art Group Meeting every 2nd Tuesday.

Please bring some art, or CD with images of your work.

Limit your presentation to a selection for discussion.

Think about a theme, particular style or media for your work, or give a few examples.

Aside from discussing and showing our art work, we are also going to discuss the idea of participating in the Glenwood Art Fair 2008, held Aug 22. - 24.

Claudia Finn will present guidelines and info.

There will be an application form available to participate in our International Art Group tent during the fair .

We also need more artists to help with the children activities during the fair, in exchange for free display space in the artist tent.

Also, If you would like more information about our group, please feel free to speak to Alan Emerson Hicks at: 773 501 7730

E Mail

Yours Marianna Buchwald,
Info at 773 507 -1300,
and the International Art Group

Hope you will be able to attend !

Best Regards

Marianna Buchwald

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