Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Noise and a Mess, Progress to the Parking Garage

Something I use to promote is being a good neighbor in the community and being courteous to things going on around you. I still encourage that immensely, but have quieted down on promoting personal and activist stances since I've been developing and re-formatting my company.

However, I am more than outraged at the inconsiderate and rude actions that have been occurring on the two properties that are going to be destroyed and ruined by the planned parking garage. 

Cement left wet in the grass, blocking cars, noise complaints, so many issues, and the beautiful properties haven't even been destroyed yet. 

My partner and co-writer for Rogers Park in 1,000 Words does senior care for a living and worked at Levy house today where several residents complained about the construction and poor attitudes of the workers. 

Great start to a great project, wouldn't you say? Videos coming soon on:


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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well at least it makes for interesting copy.

How to Build A Lakefront Car Tower would be a cool blog to follow