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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Makes a Good and Bad Neighbor

Everyone knows what is involved in being a good neighbor and what it takes to be considered a bad neighbor. While contemplating this thought, I came up with the below lists:

Good Neighbors:
  1. Clean up their personal surrounding areas
  2. Clean up community surrounding areas
  3. Are considerate of their noise levels
  4. Clean up after their pets
  5. Do not litter
  6. Obey the rules and regulations of their building/association/etc
  7. Remain aware of the going-on's of their neighborhood
  8. Assist in community programs to continually work on making their neighborhood a better place
  9. Participate in local events
  10. Say hello and smile as they walk by
Bad Neighbors:

  1. Leave their personal surrounding areas in a mess
  2. Leave trash in community areas
  3. Are inconsiderate of their noise levels
  4. Leave their pet's waste lying around
  5. Litters
  6. Consistently break the rules of their building/association/etc
  7. Ignore the circumstances of their neighborhood
  8. Berate and avoid community programs
  9. Disrupt local events
  10. Make rude or inappropriate comments as they walk by
There are so many more good qualities and bad qualities of a neighbor, why don't you share some of your thoughts?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bad: Neighbors walking down the block arguing on their cell phones using horrible, degrading language. We live by a park and there are little kids all over. Need to watch your language always, please.

Congregating in front of the local bar because you can't smoke inside does not mean you should sit there, gossip, point fingers and laugh at your neighbors.

Good: Are respectful of leash laws. It is fine to let your dog run when no one is around, but we also appreciate your furkids on leashes when the park and beaches are full.

People who write blogs of Rogers Park to inform all of us of the good and bad happenings in Rogers Park; the things that major news outlets do not give time to.

Passionate Rogers Parkers who have been around for decades and share their stories and wisdom of the area.

Homeowners and renters who beautify their premises with flowers, statues, flags, etc. All the little details are what make my neighborhood a home.