Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now Trending on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words

The Bosworth and Jonquil shooting on August 7th, 2011 is the most searched Rogers Park issue this morning. Animal CPR training at Rogers Bark and our theaters are also heavy searches. Our very own Paula Basta, who is running for 14th District State Representative, is getting more attention than David Fagus appointed opponent Kelly Cassidy. The now long-defunct Broken Heart of Rogers Park is still on our minds... despite author Craig Gernhardt's flip flop from defending our community to bowing to the Alderman Joe Moore. Our local CAPS meetings are a worthy interest, and photos of CFD Engine 13 have been requested.

#1   Bosworth and Jonquil shooting August 7 2011
#2   theaters and park
#3   animal CPR training IL.
#4   Anne Sullivan
#5   Paula Basta
#6   Rogers Park Chicago
#7   "Red and Purple Modernization"
#8   Broken Heart of Rogers Park
#9   CAPS meetings Rogers Park
#10 Chicago Fire Dept. Engine 13 photos


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