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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A relevant comment

Joe Moore has had 20 years to make an impact on this community. Unfortunately, it seems that every initiative for which he is taking credit either had very little to do with actual efforts by Joe or required at least a decade to make happen. He boasts about things like his ban on foie gras and participtatory budgeting to create murals and dog parks while our streets are still run by gangs and drug dealers, our housing stock is declining and we have yet to attract the kind of businesses we need.

In my opinion, he hasn't actually achieved much of anything that has really made a real difference in our ward.

In truth, Rogers Park is still floundering instead of thriving. After 20 years, that should not be the case.

Just like it was time for Mayor Daley to step aside and make room for new dedication and new thinking, I believe it is time for us to let someone else succeed where Joe has consistently failed.

I believe we have all had enough of Joe's old school Chicago politics of trading favors, making a living off of developer money, bullying those who see through his B.S. and not delivering the meaningful ward services our residents deserve.

I've been very impressed by Brian White's career dedication to public service. He seems educated, committed to our ward and capable of making the kind of difference that Old School Joe frankly cannot.

After 20 years, Joe has done little more than coast through the job, only showing up every 4 years to keep his pay check.

I'm thinking most of us in Rogers Park are ready for new thinking and an alderman who will take the job more seriously.

- Hugh


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hugh,don't you live in the 50th Ward? Why do you always try to pass as a resident of the 49th Ward? If you care so much about the neighborhood and its leadership, why don't you move here?

Bill Morton said...

Anyone who cares about our neighborhood and its leadership has a place here.

mcl said...

Hey 'Anonymous',
Why don't YOU identify yourself. No matter where Hugh does live, at least he's not afraid to put his name on his comments (which IMO, are spot on when it comes to the Alderman and the state of our Ward).

Hugh said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous:

Perhaps you have me confused with another Hugh? I do live here in the 49th ward and have lived here since before the last aldermanic election.

I personally witnessed many of Joe's underhanded tactics - from bussing halfway house residents in to vote for him to slapping his name all over boxes of donuts given to the polling place officials - and I'm simply tired of that kind of slimy "leadership" in our ward.

By the way, what is your name and in which ward to you live?