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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Registered Voter

I Voted

It is important to be a registered voter and vote in every election.

•Because your activism, including in reforming the system, will be more powerful if you have voted.

•Because your monitoring of the fairness of the election must begin with voting in it.

•Because there is a real value in not allowing things to get any worse than they have.

- Bill Morton


Bishop Wilkowski said...

Thanks for voting. There is NO reason why citizens should not vote.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bill did the guy win ,whom you have voted?

Ajaz Ahmed
Sheridan chase food mart

Bill Morton said...


First, I would like to thank you for being an attribute to our community. You have served many in our neighborhood, far beyond the old "Plaza on the Lake" building.

Next, the Alderman and Mayor election is coming up in Feb, 2011. This is a big deal in the City of Chicago.

I cannot tell you whom I will vote for this time around, but will deffinently give you some clues on this site, Rogers Park in 1,000 Words very soon.

I will see you tomorrow morning for my usual Vanilla, Chocolate and Cappuccino coffee mix in the large cup!

- Bill Morton