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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogging serves local news needs for Rogers Park


"Hi, Mr. Morton my name is Brandon Love and I am a journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. I am also a new resident to the Rogers park area. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me regarding blogging as a new form of media". - Brandon


Thank you for contacting me and welcome to the neighborhood!

What would you say sets blogging apart from other forms of news?

Blogging is set apart from other news sources because the medium often features hyper local reports from residents who know their neighborhood best. Reports can consist of anything from a few sentences about a happening to an entire essay about local crime, politics or culture. I always try to keep my Rogers Park blog relevant to Rogers Park and Chicago's 49th Ward.

How has the Rogers Park neighborhood influenced your blogs?

The state of Rogers Park is what influenced me to create my main blog, Rogers Park in 1,000 Words ( I was a disappointed when I discovered corruption in the Alderman's office, which I had volunteered to campaign for several years earlier. I had never realized the relationship of politicians and condo developers in Rogers Park before. This realization disturbed me to the point where I had to vent it out. I created my first blog.

Reading through some of my blog posts, you will find other topics influenced by life in Rogers Park such as local businesses, culture, history, local events and photos of every aspect of our neighborhood.

What are some negative/positive aspects of blogging?

Blogs can be a double edged sword.

On one hand, blogs can be used to alert the community of public safety or health hazards in your neighborhood. Blogs can be utilized to promote local businesses and increase sales, so that they can stay open. They are a form of communication, an outlet for creativity and a medium to initiate change.

On the other hand, blogs can be used to cyber bully, spread propaganda and destroy a person’s reputation. Cyber bullying is an abusive act of some bloggers.

How many blogs do you have and also how many would you say that you follow?

I have created many blogs. A few are specifically about Rogers Park or the 49th Ward, others are about my other interests, such as helping small businesses, technology and even a blog to feature my resume to potential employers.

I follow over ten blogs that compliment my photography and writing. I want to stay informed about important information in my neighborhood including news, events, job openings and the latest computer technology updates.

- Bill Morton

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ms21 said...

Very cool. I think there is some "information overload" out there, but if we only share things that we are comfortable sharing WITH EVERYONE...all is well in the blagosphere.