Sunday, May 16, 2010


Some people in Rogers Park like to critique the actions of others while sitting behind their keyboards all day long.

I have been criticized as being a keyboard dweller as well. But the fact is, that I do as much as I can to make a positive change in our community. I could drop the names of the many organizations and causes I have supported in town, but I would like to highlight something that I was a part of today, outside of Rogers Park.

I assisted in raising funds for Cancer research and awareness through the American Cancer Society Walk & Roll event in Grant Park. Participation in this event has become a family tradition in memory of my Uncle Mike who died of cancer.

I know many who devote most of their time to making Rogers Park a better place. What do you feel is worthwhile?


Bishop Wilkowski said...

I am very proud of what you did yesterday.

Bills said...

Bill thanks for coming out to the Walk & Roll event on Sunday May 16, 2010. Great photos posted as well. The weather was perfect and the people were all very friendly. It was a good day. Thanks, billsdigitalphotos.