Saturday, May 15, 2010

A dark theater

A dark theater is not a good sign. What happened to the good times, the old times? What happened to a time when people took pride in producing and supporting quality architecture and cinema?

Where are the advocates of historic preservation and cultural prominence?

The "developers" of this day are basing their floor plans on generica and forgetting the ornamentation that draws intelligent customers and anchors a community of people.

Dumb them down and fund an insurance policy on their early deaths is the unfortunate trend of the day.

I say, base your future, clients and buildings on longevity rather than the quick-buck alternative.

Have the balls to stick it out and do it right, or don't do anything at all.

- Bill Morton

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Quest Network Services said...

I agree. This video was made in the 1980s to show awareness about the lost theaters to hopefully open up peoples eyes on what can and will be lost if we don't do something. I realize that single screen theaters don't give you the variety of a multiplex, but at least with a single screen theaters if the show stinks you can at least enjoy the theater (art work, plaster work etc..) Can you really do that today with the cinder block variety? Most people would just walk out... All these theaters had class and are the work of craftsman, and artists!