Thursday, October 15, 2009

More from the Lerner Hole


Deano said...

do you BIll have a life,or enjoy spending it by the hole?? I mean OK,we get it,it was a mistake to destroy the theatre,but what is the point of posting a bud picture (or similar) for the hundred time?

Bill Morton said...

Deano, These photos in particular are of the former Lerner Building on Howard Street in Rogers Park.

This is one of many dangerous unsecure holes in the ground that can be considered at the very least "mistakes".

More and more structurally stable and culturally significant buildings in Rogers Park are being destroyed.

The demolitions are often expedited and the developers declare bankruptcy, leaving our community with a checkerboard of dangerous and unattended properties.

There are several examples of this with the Lerner Building, the North Shore School, the Adelphi Theater and the building recently purchased by Loyola University on Sheridan and Albion.

The point of my post is to advocate safe, legal and responsible management of buildings and properties.

The photos show that property owners, building managers and developers in Rogers Park are not always responsible, safe or legal.

I post photos of unsecure Rogers Park properties with litter, prostitutes and gang graffiti repeatedly so that my new readers will not miss this important message.