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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rogers Park history and character destroyed

Do you have any photos of the lovely blue diamonds that bordered the top? I wish I had taken photos of the two buildings before the demolition started. :(

Hi Bill,
I wanted to let you know that you should take some photos of the buildings at 6572-90 N. Sheridan Road (southwest corner of Sheridan and Albion) while you still have the chance. Loyola University is planning to demolish them soon.
I hate Loyola.
Carla T.


Bill Morton said...

The character of Rogers Park is fading quickly. Most often replaced by empty lots and dangerous abandoned holes.

The North Coast said...

Loyola has the right to do this, but just because it has the right, doesn't make it good or beautiful. This is what we get for handing this institution tens of millions of taxpayers' dough to play with via the Loyola TIF. Universities with bloated coffers and scads of causeless money just love to build and tear down, as do developers.

These two little charmers were part of a block that was once a solid wall of charming little buildings that could have nurtured many small businesses of the sort that make Andersonville such a thriving, vibrant retail district. The most beautiful building on this block was destroyed by fire about 10 years ago, and since that time the block has begun to look scraggly and gap-toothed. Another potentially vibrant retail district, with small, individually owned businesses, is destroyed, and a neighborhood loses its character.

Development by TIFs has destroyed the character of many of Chicago's most charming old neighborhoods and blighted the city with strip mall slums like the one at BErwyn and Broadway, or on Ashland close to Diversey? REmember all the cute old apt buildings that used to be there, and instead of being restored into the good, moderate-priced housing the city needs, were instead torn down and replaced with over-scaled, suburban-style Big Box development?

Now that Loyola has torn down these great little buildings with our tax money, we need to hold their feet to the fire to build the garden they promised. We're entitled to SOMETHING in return for our TIF dollars than a blighted block.