Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harold Washington Memorial Playlot Park Update

Harold Washington Memorial Playlot Park Update

The bike rack has again been 'uprooted' from it's anchors (see attached picture). This was done in a destructive, willful manner and exemplifies the on going result of the older crowd's purpose and effect in and on the Playlot.

We (the community) need serious intervention from Park District personnel (Security & Staff) to remove and keep this crowd out of the Playlot. I'm also forwarding pictures taken this AM to show the litter which accumulated yesterday, despite the cleanup by PD maintenance in the morning.

Despite the PD cleanup crews effort on a regular basis and the two trash containers in the Playlot, this is a daily situation, resulting in this condition. Again, this is mainly the result of the older crowd and their 'activities'.

- Mike
HWM Playlot Park Advisory Council

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