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Sunday, June 14, 2009

CAPS Beat 2411 Car Thefts Up

CAPS Beat 2411 Car Thefts Up - Lake Effect News

Overall, it was a quiet month in CAPS Beat 2411, bounded by Howard Street on the north, Pratt Blvd. on the south, Kedzie Avenue on the west, and Ridge Avenue on the east. Burglaries and car thefts, however, are up, according to Sgt. John Delgado, of the 24th District CAPS office.

The Numbers

24th District – 13,500 calls for service (911)
Beat 2411 – 1,624 calls for service (911)
24th District arrests – 404
Beat 2411 arrests – 34

New issues

· A resident who lives across the street from Rogers Elementary School on Washtenaw said that the same two groups of people shoot off fireworks on the school playground every July 4. “I don’t mind people shooting off fireworks, but come 11 p.m. and midnight, I do mind,” he said.

The man asked if the 24th District could send a car by the school playground every hour or so in the evening to chase away residents who are blowing off illegal fireworks. Sgt. Delgado said that 911 dispatchers field thousands of calls about illegal fireworks within a short time period during the July 4 holiday, it was impossible to assign all the calls. “Even with ten times the number of officers working (July 4), we’re unable to get there even once.


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