Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Progress & Poverty - 1507 W. Morse Avenue

Hi Bill Morton

I came across your blog(s) while searching for something else (of course), and I see that you want to know about interesting things happening in Rogers Park. I hope you will include the Henry George School's Progress & Poverty course being offered at 1507 W. Morse beginning Wednesday, October 8, at 7 PM. The objective of this course is to help people better understand the causes of persistent poverty and many other economic difficulties. If you are poor, it is not going to get you out of poverty, but if you are concerned about the problem of poverty it will help you understand the forces behind America's increasing concentration of wealth among the few, and why so many anti-poverty efforts fail. The course will point toward solutions which do work, and helps in understanding many other neighborhood and community issues.

The first class session is free, and will provide an overview of our approach. People who choose to sign up for the course will attend four subsequent sessions, each Wednesday thru November 5, and are requested to pay a $25 fee which includes all lesson materials.

The Henry George School's web page includes links for further information, or people are welcome to phone us at 312 362-9302.

-- Chuck Metalitz
Henry George School

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