Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another 1,000 Words

Sheridan Road & Chase Avenue
Bus Stop


Quest Network Services said...

Hey, I saw this *sshole eating this orange waiting for the bus and before I could go and ask him to throw his peal in the trash, the bus came and he got on. Every day I pick up trash in front of my shop and everyday I see ignorant people just casually toss their trash on the ground. What makes matters worse is that their used to be a trash can on this corner and one day it just disappeared. If the trash can were their, do you think people would then do the right thing and throw out their trash? Please be considerate those of you who walk the neighborhood, please hold onto your garbage until you reach a trash can.


Grammar said...

The trash barrel in front of 7301 N. Sheridan was removed, reportedly because the residents of the building were too lazy to go out the back door and drop their trash in the Dumpster provided by the management. Thanks a lot, you stupid, lazy good-for-nothings!

Now, we who do walk, and are decent citizens, have no place to toss and have to carry our garbage home with us. You are human beings--start acting like it!

Bill Morton said...

When the trash can was there, at least people threw their Colostomy Bags in the garbage ... instead of on the ground for kids and pets to play with.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Hazardous Waste in Rogers Park

Saturday, August 11, 2007
Biohazard waste dumped on Sheridan and Chase

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