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Monday, January 14, 2008

Car Crash at Sheridan and Chase

Rogers Park
Rogers Park

At 10:50pm, two cars just collided on Sheridan and Chase in Rogers Park.

We could hear the crash-up from the Parlor Room of Quest.

One vehicles airbags were deployed, and the other hit and run.

A car chased the car that ran from the accident and made it come back to the scene.
Undercover police were on the scene immediately.
Ambulance and Fire truck on the scene a long with the 2 squad cars.

The lady is still inside the vehicle with side curtain airbags that had also deployed.

Update 11:07pm : Lady from recked vehicle is being taken away in an ambulance. Hit and run vehicle was an oldsmobile, driver in handcuffs on hood of car. Northside Performance Towing is now hooking up recked vehicle.

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