Saturday, December 29, 2007

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YoChicago deleted the following message on their Rogers Park feature:

"Although I am for progress, that last picture of the demolition site of the Adelphi Theater was an example of a historic building and viable business being destroyed wastefully"."It's been well over a year since the demolition, and the planned condo-project never happened. It's just a sad hole in the ground". - Bill Morton

So, I tweaked it a little bit for further consideration and re-posted.

"I am not opposed to progress, but the demolition of the Adelphi Theater (in the last picture above), was an example of wasteful destruction of a historical building and viable business.
It has been well over a year, and the demolition site is still an eyesore hole in the ground". - Bill Morton

What do you think? Are they going to delete my Rogers Park comment again?

Check out the YoChicago Rogers Park article and post here.

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