Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rogers Park Q & A

This one was sent to my e-mail address: BillMorton.RogersPark@gmail.com

Q: Do you know anything of a hit and run in Rogers Park that concerned a white pickup and a judge riding a yellow bike, or any hit and run that occurred in the last say 5 months in that area?I overheard a neighbor talking, it might be BS but who knows, have contacted police they are disinterested.

Thank You, R. J. Y.

A: R. J. Y., I did hear of a hit and run in the alley behind Sherwin Manor Nursing Center. Here are all of the details I have: http://rp1000.blogspot.com/search?q=hit+and+run . I also spotted a flyer taped to a bus shelter on Sheridan and Chase inquiring if anyone had witnessed a recent hit and run.

Thank you for your question. - Bill Morton, Rogers Park in 1,000 Words

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