Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rogers Park Research at the Newberry Library

I visited the Newberry Library today to do some research on Rogers Park history.

Newberry Library
Newberry Library

Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library

My studies included the following:

P. Traces Boots & Shoes
4843 Clark Street (later 7048 N. Clark Street)

J.F. Ure Rogers Park Dairy
7527 N. Clark Street

Joseph Ebert
The Joseph Ebert Tavern
3563 Ridge (later 6666 N. Ridge Blvd.)

K.G. Schmidt Bottled Beer

The Karthauser Inn

Allgauer's Fireside

Grassfield's on Ridge

Peter Muno

4113 Ridge (later 7504 N. Ridge Blvd.)

St. Henry Church (built 1851)

Patrick Leonard Touhy

General Phil Sheridan

General Sherman

Carter H. Harrison

Bishop DeKoven

North Shore News

The Land Company

George Pratt

John V. Farwell

Luther L. Greenleaf

Stephen P. Lunt

George Estes

Charles H. Morse

The Oaks Mansion
5008 Clark (later 7339 N. Clark Street)

The Meat Market

Dr. W.D. Clark

The Rogers Park Village Board

Rogers Park Water Company

St. Henry's School at the Angel Guardian Orphanage

West Side Schoolhouse

East Side Schoolhouse

The Grand Avenue

Eugene Field Elementary School

Calvary Cemetery

Rogers Park School

The Rogers Park Tollgate and Gatekeeper's House

The Big Ditch

The Luxembourg Brotherhood

The Winandy Brothers

The Cumberland Post

The Grand Army of the Republic

Post 737

Julius Soerns

Birchwood Country Club (later North Shore School)

The Hillside

North Chicago Street Railroad

The Rogers Park Post Office

The Rogers Park Police

The 45th Precinct

P. Weimeschkirch Undertaking and Livery
4861 Clark (later 7066 N. Clark Street)


Arnold Avenue

Sheridan Place

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Barry said...

Can you share some Grassfield's info? My folks took us there frequently as kids but I could use a jog to remember details. tkx.