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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slumlord's Radiator Neglect ruins Tenants Apartment

When tenant wakes to discover brownish water dripping from the ceiling, a battle for liability ensues.

UPDATE: The slumlord upon hearing complaint, suggests that it will look fine once the rust water dries.

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Anonymous said...

Please remember that you are using your tenants rights because the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance is not being fulfilled. The landlord provides the building and the city regulates to ensure that the building and unit are in code compliance. A tenant and tenant attorney do not have the power change what a building and unit is not providing in foundation, appearance, essential services, and structure. Why let the owner continue renting our faulty property? You did not appreciate moving into a place and learning about the conditions and what was not being provided. If one unit is not up to par, then the entire building has been compromised. How did the city miss this with annual inspections? I am not a lawyer
I am familiar with the codes and ordinances. I can tell you what to do to break your lease, get repairs, and earn money. Each landlord lease violation is one to two months rent. I am faster and will not drag out an unpleasant living situation. I can assist with asking the landlord to make repairs and deal with disturbances and then assist with what remedies by quoting the ordinance to use when the landlord is not responding. Sometimes you just want to leave a place and should be told all of your legal tenant remedy options. There are things that your landlord did that allows you to break your lease immediately. When your landlord goes to court, they have to answer to the city. I will assist with using city services. No tenant can ignore noise complaints and have you and the landlord tell you that they have until 10pm. You signed a lease to move in and the owner agreed to provide you the right to the peaceful enjoyment of your premise. You need a city approved parade permit to think you can be a nightmare until 10pm. Communal areas are kept quiet and clean. And rest assure knowing that if the unit is found not up to code by the city or by a licensed professional (can deduct up to $500 if not repaired in two weeks), and you take your legal tenant remedy action and the landlord starts bluffing with eviction notices, your legal fees are paid by the landlord. I will direct you to free legal places. Get the city involved. Tenant groups and tenant attorneys will not change your building and the unit description but the city could. Teach bad landlords and bad tenants that their actions will be reviewed by the city because the city decides the fate of rental property. If the city is not responding to 311 calls or emails, then contact your alderman. I have had Senator Obama's office contact the alderman and the city departments of building and environment on my behalf. Note that Senator Obama's office did not contact a tenant group or a tenant attorney. Tenants have no service like HUD so we have to use the city. And if the city is not responding, then tenants have to start learning about what has to be provided on all rental property and force the city to answer our salient complaints. I want all tenants to learn about their rights so the people being disrespectful will begin to think twice about bully and bluff tactics. The more we learn about what the city should be doing and how everyone has to conduct themselves to be a landlord and tenant, then things can improve. Bad building situations did not happen overnight. Learn about your legal remedies. Your unit is a private space and you have rights. No one from the bad landlord to bad tenants and even the unresponsive city can take what has to be provided. I offer my help until the city starts enforcing the codes and ordinances. Since things are turning condo, we can still make an effort to salvage rental property.