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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Commenter has a good point

In regards to the post Blog Rush :

Which asked,

"Well, what do you think about the blogs of Rogers Park? How much of an impact do you think they make in the neighborhood"?

CuteNEvilGirl said...

"They are alright to point out the bad... but are they changing RP for the good?? I think its easy for everyone to write about whats wrong then it is to make a plan, and attack it to fix it. Lead the charge Shrill".

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Bill Morton said...

I think that one of the reasons there are so many problems in Rogers Park, is that they are often just swept under the rug.

These problems need to be seen and addressed to be fixed. Ignoring them, or overlooking them will not solve these issues.

One thing that blog readers often don't get a chance to see is what often happens after the photo shoot.

I pick up whatever trash I can, and I report graffiti and blood sightings to the Chicago Police Department.

CuteNEvilGirl, I've seen when you walk through Rogers Park. You also do what you can for our community.

It is time to do something about this Rogers Park mess.

CuteNEvilGirl said...

Im glad to see that I have hit a nerve with you.. and also one on the "Broken Liver"(see below).. sometimes someone new, with a new perspective is a fresh kick that people need... I do find your pictures riveting, raw and courageous to show what filth you live in.. however, things have to change.. that community has been a huge part every decade of my life, starting as a young child spending summers with my aunt and uncle who to this day live on Birchwood, to the 90's and the ex who lived on Touhy and Sheridan, and onto the many friends that are there now.. and after walking down Sheridan early Saturday morning.. I never feared it until then.. it was cold and rainy and I felt like something bad could happen.. I don't like that feeling in a place that I have basically adopted. I don't even know where to start.. but its time.

Posted today on "Broken Liver"

Hitting nerves.... about time
Blognotes: I want to remind everyone who says that I don't do anything for the neighborhood that it was me who complained about Cafe Suron when they opened, fought against the opening of the Morseland and am ready to fight against the new Morse Theater. Everyone else was ready to roll over and support these quality local businesses. If that's not contributing to the community I don't know what is.

Bill Morton said...

Something bad could have happened to you on that early Saturday morning.

I would not suggest a 3am walk through Rogers Park to anybody but the Chicago Police Department.

Did you know that many business owners in Rogers Park close early due to fear of crime and violence after dark?

They don't want to risk it, walking to their vehicles during the night.

I spoke with Family Properties about this a while ago. Not only do they not want to be in Rogers Park during the nights and weekends, they refuse to accept cash deposits due to the fact that they may be robbed with such sums on their property.

It is a fact that Rogers Park is not the place that it once was during the jazz age. Compared to these better days, Rogers Park is in great disrepair.

To make things better, we will need to focus on the many details of Rogers Park, recognize the roots of our problems, make a plan, and execute that plan.

fun fact: Family Properties owns the building your ex boyfriend was living in. Many people also don't know that Family Properties was once Moffett Realty before a family split-up of the business.

CuteNEvilGirl said...

We need to do alot....

The time is now.. and things need to change.