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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The doors open, and no ones home.

After appointing a new executive officer of the ward, there is no sign of the current "elected alderman". "It's like he had a barbeque and was gone", one of his neighbors said.

Do the gangs know that Rogers Park is in this absentee state?

Let's ask the Goons :

Let's ask Leon:

Let's ask Temper:

but there is one who has proven he knows :Whoever put the graffiti "PHeD", on the shared storefront office of Joe Moore, David Fagus, Jan Shankowski and Larry Sufferdin... KNOWS THAT THERE IS NO-ONE HOME to clean-up after them.

This graffiti has been there for a month straight, and NOBODY is doing anything about it !

You might figure that if you are an elected official you would try for a clean image, but there is obviously no need to pretend anymore, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY ELECTED.

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Natas said...

get over it fruity bastard

Bill Morton said...

I read your blog.

Get over your hatred and bigotry, because theres too much already in this town.