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Friday, July 13, 2007

Don't get Gooned tonight !

I heard they meet in front of the Heartland Cafe and in the Glenwood Arts District.

These are pictures of Goon graffiti near Sheridan and Morse.

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Nelson said...

Excellent work Bill

The Underachiever said...

Well, what a wild Sunday night. That happens in the summer time.

I'm listening to an intermittent signal of KBRK-AM 1430 AM out of Brookings, South Dakota, which I deduced with the help of It's got the "nostalgia" format, which would have been 50's oldies and big band stuff 10 years ago, but now has evolved to become basically what FM oldies stations were playing 11-12 years ago (and even some 70's stuff that the current "oldies" stations play). The last song playing was Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, which oddly enough, was one of the songs I put on the jukebox @ Hamilton's in the last set before I left, and it got played in the 1:00 AM hour.

I'm chowing on a late-night microwave soup combo--one can of straight chicken noodle soup, one can of cream-of-mushroom soup, and then various amounts of paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and salt.

Put it in a microwavable dish, nuked it on high for 3 minutes, and then on medium for about 20 minutes (stirring from time to time). Let it set for a while, and then had a couple of bowls of it.

Ideally, that would be something to stick in a crockpot, but for late-night post-bar cuisine--yum. Good stuff, and I've got plenty for tomorrow.

Heh. Joe Moore. Ya gotta love him!

The Underachiever

Bill Morton said...


You really are "the underachiever".

Hope your leftovers still taste good for lunch.