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Today in Rogers Park - June 27th, 2013

Today in Rogers Park is a series to inform our community of relevant daily events, including the arts, entertainment, presentations and community meetings. - Bill Morton 

CAPS meeting - beat 2422, 2423, and 2424 at 7pm
Chicago Math & Science Academy, 7212 N. CLARK STREET (in the cafeteria) CHICAGO, IL. 60626

Community policing has become a popular crime-fighting strategy across the country, but there is no one definition of community policing or one specific way of carrying it out. From the time he was appointed in April 1992, Police Superintendent Matt L. Rodriguez advanced a strategy of community policing that is specific to Chicago. CAPS is a unique philosophy that borrows from the experiences of other cities, but also breaks important new ground in meeting the needs of the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago community. 

What makes CAPS innovative is that it brings the police, the community, and other City agencies together to identify and solve neighborhood crime problems, rather than simply react to their symptoms after the fact. Problem solving at the neighborhood level is supported by a variety of strategies, including neighborhood-based beat officers; regular Beat Community Meetings involving police and residents; extensive training for both police and community; more efficient use of City services that impact crime; and new technology to help police and residents target crime hot spots. 

With CAPS, police officers continue to enforce the law and respond rapidly to serious crimes and life-threatening emergencies. But CAPS recognizes that the police alone cannot solve the City's crime problems. It takes a combined effort of police, community, and City government working together. 

Implementation of CAPS began in April 1993 with the official roll-out in five of the City's 25 police districts: Englewood (7th), Marquette (10th), Austin (15th), Morgan Park (22nd), and Rogers Park (24th). These prototype districts are diverse in terms of their demographics, economics, crime problems, and levels of community organization. As such, they provided a valuable laboratory for testing and improving the CAPS model before it was expanded Citywide. 

Implementation of CAPS in the other 20 police districts began in 1994, and the strategy is now operational in all of Chicago's neighborhoods. The five original prototype districts continue to serve as a laboratory for testing new ideas and new technology. 

CAPS has been recognized as one of the most ambitious community policing initiatives in the United States. It has been cited as a model by numerous national experts, including officials at the U.S. Department of Justice and academic authorities on community policing. Management guru Tom Peters featured the Chicago Police Department and CAPS in his latest business video, Service With Soul. 

By opening up the dialogue between police and community, CAPS is producing a number of important success stories at the neighborhood level. Across the City, the CAPS partnership is tackling serious crime problems, as well as those neighborhood conditions that breed crime -- conditions such as abandoned buildings and vehicles, vacant lots, drug houses, and graffiti. 

Together, we are working to identify and solve neighborhood crime problems, block by block, and to improve the quality of life in Chicago's neighborhoods. 

Mayne Stage - 
Back Lot Bash Comedy Kickoff

With a nod to the historic past of this grand facility, Mayne Stage features a restaurant (Act One Pub) and performance space that reflects the unique and diverse history of Rogers Park. Mayne Stage is happy to present a variety of terrific acts in its 230-seat multipurpose entertainment venue.

Back Lot Bash is the hottest, most rockin’ and most attended outdoor women’s festival taking place every Pride Weekend in Chicago. Each day showcases a different mix of music and entertainment for the entire community. Mark your calendar, gather your friends and plan the trip as BACK LOT BASH is one, amazing weekend you’ll never forget!

With Julie Goldman, Sandra Valls, Special Guest Appearance By Brandy Howard, Hosted By Gwen La Roka.

Red Line Tap - Open Mic, Hosted by Micki Croisant

The Red Line Tap hosts music up to 7 nights a week featuring local and national acts on stage, from their resident band the Mudflapps, to Micki’s open mic and all sorts of great shows daily, Red Line Tap has something  for everyone!

Sign up at 8 pm / Music at 9 pm

Each Performer gets 3 songs or up to 15 minutes


Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Fresh Start Monday at Howard Street and Bosworth Avenue

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce was founded in April of 2009 with one goal: to help struggling small businesses, and in fact, all businesses, to become successful. Chamber founder Bill Morton wasn't sure how exactly to do this, but he knew that he would do what it takes to succeed. 

The Chamber struggled it's first two years, but in December of 2011, the Chamber and all of it's members started taking large strides to turn the Chamber into the vision they saw. 

Chamber Founder and President Bill Morton came up with the idea of a neighborhood clean-up in support of the businesses. Eventually, the program that was created was Fresh Start Monday, an event that occurs the first and third Monday of the month from April through to November, weather pending.

The next Fresh Start Monday will be on July 1st, 2013 at Howard Street and Bosworth Avenue.  
This is a public event from 6 pm - 7 pm. RSVP calls to (773) 850-0049 and walk-ups are OK. This is a free community event.


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