Thursday, May 9, 2013

Triangle Park - Gardening and Cleaning

Triangle Park is located across from the Howard Area Community Garden on Hermitage and Juneway Terrace in the North of Howard area.

As part of our duties as elected members of the Willye B. White Park Advisory Council, Autumn Davids Secretary and myself Vice President, were approved by the council during the April monthly meeting to care take the natural garden at Triangle Park.

Autumn and I have so far spent four days doing initial cleaning, weed pulling and soil rotation. I, admittedly not being a gardener cleaned over four pounds of glass shards, rusty metal objects, drug and sex paraphernalia from the garden and surrounding sidewalks.

With many families of North of Howard residents and Rogers Park visitors in attendance at Triangle Park during this work, the positive comments on the improvement was nothing short of overwhelming.

Making Triangle Park a safer and more beautiful place for families!

- Bill Morton



Anonymous said...

Triangle Park is a great asset North of Howard built to be a quiet refuge and escape from the toil and drudgery of our daily lives for those of us who reside in the neighborhood.

Any and all clean-up, creative gardening and artistic endeavors are greatly appreciated.

The good neighbors North of Howard deserve a clean, safe, and beautiful spot to relax, exercise, play, and enjoy ourselves.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

North of Howard Resident

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Nice Buddha Picture!