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Friday, March 15, 2013

Charmers Cafe closing

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I received this message yesterday from Charmers Cafe owner Dan Sullivan. The details were revealed to the public about five minutes ago on Dan Sullivan's facebook page.



Bill Morton said...

Here's the update:

Autumn and I spoke with Jaimie from Taste Food & Wine.

They will be opening up a cheese and wine bar that will also serve salads, sandwiches, and things along those lines.

They WILL NOT beg getting rid of the coffee products... at least not initially.

They are hoping that everything except for the liquor license will be ready to open by about April 25th, and they plan on allowing people to bring wine in until they receive the liquor license.

Also, signs are now up on Charmers windows.

Bill Morton said...

I had a conversation with Dan Sullivan while I was at Charmers for the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Board meeting and elections.

He said that he plans on keeping LAMS Real Estate. All of the recent improvements including a touch screen credit card processor, the cappuccino machine, and the Growling Rabbit's announcement to exclusively provide sandwiches to Charmers was not to facilitate the new restaurant.

If it wasn't for the proposal by the management team that will be coming in from Taste Food & Wine, Dan said he wouldn't have ever contemplated ending Charmers.