Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Squirrel poison killing our pets

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Just in from Rogers Bark:

This is an alert for pet owners in the area, specifically those with small dogs. 
I received some sad news at the salon yesterday; that one of our clients had eaten squirrel poison on her afternoon walk with her mom and as a result, had to be put down that night. The vet informed her that there were 3 other cases of "squirrel poison ingestions" very similar to hers within the last 30 days. I then called a few other vets in the neighborhood and they also confirmed they have had a handful of cases recently. 
Please keep an eye on what your pet is picking up in the neighborhood. Squirrell poison is illegal in addition to being inhumane, and because it is targeted for large rodents, small dogs are extremely vulnerable. The picture below is the closet I could find to what my client described and is something you should keep an eye out for. If you do happen to come across a location with these pellets, please post the cross streets on our facebook page and to so we can keep track of the locations. I am currently waiting to hear back from the Alderman's office to see what other steps can be taken. 
This is not a fun issue, but with the support of and information from the neighborhood, we might be able to prevent any more tragic deaths of our pets.


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