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Saturday, December 17, 2011

China Hut

China Hut 7100 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL. 60626


jeffo said...

I have never felt tempted to go.
Chinese food in general is very greasy. Is there any good Chinese food anywhere? Is that place any good? Its silly how they moved across the street and now there are two of their awnings going.

Bill Morton said...

I like to experience foods from many different cultures... Mexican on Clark Street, Indian on Devon and Chinese at China Hut.

I usually order the orange chicken, pot stickers or crab rangoon with eggrolls.

mcl said...

Obviously, you mean, 7100 N. Clark.

By the way, jeffo, you should try the 'offerings' at Jenny's Gourmet, 1644 W. Howard for'Pan-Asian' (Thia, Chinese and Vietnamese.) She doesn't use oil and the food is healthy and very good.

Bill Morton said...

Michael, I don't know where the "W" came from. I did intend to post, North. Thank you.