Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2011

For additional information visit the Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2011 page or call the Diocese at (773) 721-5383.

The Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest is “A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition”

Bishop James Alan Wilkowski has contributed to our community through his work as a pastoral leader and treasurer of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. - Bill Morton



Bill Morton said...

I have been asked many times, the purpose and meaning of the Saint Joseph the Worker Award. Bishop James Alan Wilkowski describes it as:

The Saint Joseph the Worker Award

The Saint Joseph the Worker Award is awarded to individuals and organizations whose work or mission contributes to the building up of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Many of the particulars in the history of the life of Saint Joseph, husband of our Blessed Mother, are not included in the text of the Gospels. Despite these omissions our tradition of faith has consistently reinforced the image of a humble, hard-working and sincere carpenter, chosen to play a significant role in salvation history. Joseph was a man committed to fostering the personal and communal good of the community of Nazareth without seeking any form of fame or notoriety.

This example of life modeled by Saint Joseph is one which the Evangelical Catholic Church seeks to witness itself and to encourage others to embrace.

The works of the individuals and organizations being honored this evening has consistently witnessed and exemplified the model established by Saint Joseph. The works of our honorees have not been for personal gain, but rather for the good of the greater community and deserves to be recognized and thanked.

The Kingdom of God on Earth can only be advanced, lived and celebrated by those men and women – either as individuals or as part of an organization - willing to share their unique talents, gifts and love of community for a good that is greater than their own.

God has chosen to make each one of us stewards of all earthly creation and blessings. Our works of our honorees sanctifies the meaning of spiritual stewardship.

May their examples, rooted in the model established by Saint Joseph call each of us to deepen our obligations to contribute to the building up of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Bishop James Alan Wilkowski said...

Thanks for all of the support you gave for our Dinner. You helped make it a success.