Saturday, September 17, 2011

Try Our New Wines

The Lighthouse 7301 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, IL. 60626



jeffo said...

are you a part of rogers park business alliance?

because that building's parkway is atrocious, and the building itself 6957 n greenview and 1448 w morse has no signage as to who the manager is.

I picked up the trash there this am
9/20/11. You can see everyblock rogers park for a full report.

I spoke to the aldermans office and rogers park business alliance and someone leasing apartments for this building.

jeffo said...

btw looks like the lighthouse is spiffing up a bit.

looks like i will have to drop by.

your neck looks okay, just trying to keep things on the up and up in my neck of the woods. no slacking allowed!!!!

jeffo said...

btw they mowed the lawn yesterday on greenview 6957.
mission accomplished.

Bill Morton said...


I'm not a member of the Rogers Park Business Alliance, I'm the president of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce focuses on supporting businesses and service organizations in Rogers Park.

Our mission and vision statements is

To provide leadership and representation in order to benefit the members operating businesses in the Rogers Park community.

To guide businesses, service organizations and individuals to establish new businesses and promote existing businesses within the Rogers Park community.

To create and stimulate an orderly economic growth, thereby enriching Rogers Park's diverse population.

I appreciate your vigilance in observing and making our neighborhood better place to live and work. Your vocalization of our issues helps to shine a light on Rogers Park's issues, so that we can acknowledge them and work on solutions. I do the same whenever I can.

Keep up the good work. Together, we can make a dent in what is often considered an endless task and an uphill battle.