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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Early morning story

Anyone who was visiting the lakefront at 5:30 this morning noticed the magnificent sunrise. I saw many at Loyola Beach and Hartigan Beach and even Birchwood at the Lake taking in the sight this morning. I saw about half of the sun-watchers taking photos of the seemingly enlarged reddened sun.

I also took photos of the event, but ... I went deeper.



Philip McGregor Rogers said...

THAT is not a news story.
JK, I like that, a beautiful sunrise as a newstory.

Good Work.

Bill Morton said...

The last time that I wen't for a swim in Lake Michigan was Saturday, July 11, 2009 - My morning swim, and it was at the same location, Sam Leone's old pier.

I will stand by my position that Rogers Park has seen much better days.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

What do you mean that Rogers Park has seen better days?

Im sure thats true, you mean weather wise or just in general?

I also think that Rogers Park has better days ahead.

Bill Morton said...

Rogers Park in general, has seen better days.

I was originally referring to Sam Leone's commitment to our community and the state of the Sam Leone Pier... and how it is a ruin now.

Better days are ahead for Rogers Park, but.. how far ahead, depends upon us.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well I think we should highlight the history of Sam Leone Pier then and how exactly bad the state in now in words and set forth some sort of proposal before the alderman.

The lakefront could use some help especially that END of Loyola Park.

this is what i found on cursory search "Leone Beach Park (c/o Loyola Park)

Leone Beach Park dates to 1919, when the City of Chicago's Bureau of Parks and Recreation acquired the park site from the Department of Water. The city had purchased the property and its pumping station from the Rogers Park Water Company in 1907. Shortly after obtaining the lakeshore property, the Bureau of Parks and Recreation remodeled the pumping station, built in 1900, for use as a fieldhouse. The park's Touhy Avenue beach included diving boards and rafts that drew neighborhood children in droves. By 1937, the park comprised 250 feet of beach frontage, including street-end beaches at Chase, Greenleaf, and Farwell Avenues.

In 1959, the Chicago Park District began leasing the park, then known as Rogers Park and Beach, from the city. In 1966, the park district renamed the site Leone Park after beloved park district employee Sam Leone (1900-1965). Leone joined the Bureau of Parks and Recreation as a lifeguard after serving in the Navy during World War I. Initially, he worked at the old Clarendon Park Beach, but was moved north to Rogers Park in 1927. When Leone became a park district employee in 1959, he was named supervisor of lifeguards for the entire north side. Leone was still living above the Rogers Park beach house and supervising lifeguards and safeguarding swimmers at the time of this death at age 65. "